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It is with great regret the Annual Ballarat Beat Rockabilly festival has to be cancelled. The festival would like to thank BRT and the Ballarat City Council for the many years of support, both financially and with the organisation of the event. Countless hours have been put into the festival each and every year, by locals and business alike. We all absolutely loved the festival, and although we tried to find new sponsors, we have come up short by a significant amount. At this stage there can be no Ballarat Beat Festival going forward. We would also like to thank the George Hotel for its hard work and dedication. The late Gary Browning, for without his hard work and dedication along with significant financial support, the festival would not have enjoyed the last 6 years of success. We hope that somehow, another Festival is able to take its place on the annual calendar of Rockabilly Music. 

Thank you all, and apologies to all who have already made plans to attend the planned 2020 festival. There is nothing we could have done to get this festival to a point of being a success without the major sponsors we had enjoyed prior to the 2019 Festival, the 2019 Festival was a last ditch effort to keep the festival alive and kicking. We also feel it is necessary to apologise for the 2019 festival which was under severe budgetary stress, and in hindsight should not have gone ahead.




We have been contacted by organisers to let you know that there is another different event happening in Ballarat in February. 


This event was “allegedly” given more funding by a very significant amount than we had been allocated in previous years. 2019 we were allocated zero funding.  (we can’t say this officially as these alleged funds are protected by a legal contract saying just that from the council) 



The funding was manipulated to align with some bright sparks idea to move the festival to a far worse location. In order to utilise another white elephant the council. Civil Hall?

Rather than contact us to see what could have been worked through with this funding, they choose to leave us red faced. Amazing that now they want all of our support to forward all people onto their new events website and help them. 
We are pretty annoyed that they can treat us this way. 

A little bit of communication and everything could have been worked out. 

We hope they treat you the people better than they treated us.











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